A conversation with Ian Stell A conversation with Ian Stell

"Where the occupant expects a certain stasis there is in its place a gentle side-to-side rising and falling motion. " "Whir...

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"The exhibition, staged in Diao's studio, brings together a number of paintings dating from 1984 until recent years contextualized...

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"Engineered entirely to fulfill the dream of desire, these are not equations for your histories . These are not designed out of of your...

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GRAY Gallery GRAY Gallery

.... an evening with the Decorative Arts and Design Council at GRAY Gallery Gray Gallery hosted an exquisite event last night with LACMA&...

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the architect vs the artist vs the interior designer “If a painter could by a single transformation take a three dimensional still life and ...

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... Are you on to find some peace of mind, are you aware of the mess you left behind Looking back in a mirror, it all becomes clear, the vi...

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a store visit with Dead by Accident a store visit with Dead by Accident

"Can I come to your house? Caught in the ropes and the wires The sun settles hard in the south Winter lives in my bones" - STAR...

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a store visit: Chic By Accident a store visit: Chic By Accident

Emmanuel Picault's Chic By Accident : Mexico City Alvaro Obregon 49, Col. Roma Norte the magnificent Chic By Accident book, above: the c...

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a conversation with Brian Ferry a conversation with Brian Ferry

. It's about memory and aesthetics and environment. I guess this is why I am a photographer - it's easier for me to show you, not...

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"Years ago you sent a postcard, it's the one that always made me laugh It said 'send for reinforcements cause there's too m...

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"His reliance on the grid anchors his work to the architecture of the canvas, as his saturated color palette recalls the tawdry glamour...

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a conversation with Scott Hudson, Henrybuilt a conversation with Scott Hudson, Henrybuilt

.. "You just have to keep working on it. It took me 20 years of building and designing things before I felt like I could make anythi...

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Bec Brittain Bec Brittain

"what was a solid surface becomes translucent, and the lights become a constellation of points . images by David John "Don't l...

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