Tips To Put Mehndi

1 The hotter you are the darker the mehndi colour comes out on the skin.   The old wives tale goes “The darker the colour the more your husband   loves you!”
2 Once mehndi is applied on the skin, it should be left overnight for   at   least 5-6 hours to enhance the deepness in colour.
3 The colour on the skin will darken on the day after the mehndi has been   applied. The darkness in colour will last for a few days and will fade   away.
4 The mehndi powder can be a khaki, green or dark brown colour   depending on where it comes from. It usually develops into a chocolate   brown colour when applied as a paste onto the skin. Fresh mehndi   powder will produce a strong dark brown colour and will last longer.   Stale mehndi will produce a light orange colour, which will not get   darker over time.
5 Lemon Juice & sugar syrup can be applied with cotton wool on to the   mehndi once it is dried. This will secure the mehndi onto the skin more   and therefore, result in the darkness of the colour on the skin.
6 The use of black “henna” should be avoided as it contains a dangerous   chemical called Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) found in hair dyes which   causes skin irritations.
7Brides should have waxing done before mehndi is applied on them as   otherwise the mehndi will be waxed off with the hair!
8To beautify your mehndi for mehndi nights, wedding or receptions, body   glitter and gems in different colours can be applied on the skin to match   the outfits. Mehndi Creations specializes in all types of glitter work.


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