Quick Tip When Wearing Pink-Based Eyeshadow

Pink-based eyeshadow can be incredibly intimidating, even purple eyeshadow can sometimes make you look like you have a bruise! Many times I have worn pink eyeshadow just to think I looked like I had an eye infection of sorts- not pretty!
One tip I learned from the marvelous Bobbi Brown is that you can wear these types of eye shadows (pink, red, orange, purple, etc) in a soft and subtle way by making sure that you don’t skip the eyeliner! Make it pretty thick too (and complete from inner corner to outer corner)- a clearly defined black eyeliner helps to separate the whites of your eyes from the color on the lids, making them look very distinguishable.
So if you’re planning on wearing any pink or purple eye shadows in celebration of Valentine’s day coming up  make sure to keep this tip in mind!


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