Florets Chicken Pies
These are little treats to satisfy your craving to have something cheesy :) ... i named them florets because i cut them with the flower cookie cutter... but you can use any shape or just use any round shape cutter to cut them.. to make that yummy treat all we need:

For dough:

all purpose flour 2 cups
butter 1/2 cup (125 gm)
salt 1/4 tsp
baking powder 2 tsp
milk 1/2 cup

For filling:

boneless chicken 1 cup
onion finely chopped 5 -6 tbsp
garlic mince 1 tsp
butter/oil 3 tbsp
salt 1/2 tsp
black pepper 1/2 tsp
flour 2 tbsp
cream 2 tbsp
milk 1/2 cup
bell pepper 1 medium (small chunks)
cheese - blend of mozzarella n cheddar
oregano - optional
red chili flakes - optional

First we have to make a dough:

sift flour with baking powder and flour

add softened butter.. and rub the dough with butter

it will become like crumbs

now, gradually add milk in and make a soft dough

separately make chicken filling... heat oil or butter...add onions and garlic cook till soft

add chicken pieces..cook till chicken changes it color... cover for 2-4 minutes....

cook till chicken release water and tender

Add flour...give it a quick stir then add cream and milk... and mix immediately...

add chopped bell peppers

cook till mixture thicken

mix and mash chicken with spoon so that i will break...

I was using it for kids school snack so i mashed it with the hand blender coarsely.. .that is totally upto you... how big pieces you want

Now, baking... roll the dough.. and cut it with flower shape cookie cutter

put the flower in greased muffin baking tray

prick it with fork

and bake them for 6-8 minutes... we don't want them to done completely at this point.... then take them out and let them cool on wire rack

put them in tray again... fill the hollow of florets with the filling... and then sprinkle some cheese... and bake them till cheese get melt...

and done :)


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