Meethay Chat Patay Dahi Baray

Meethay Chat Patay Dahi Baray
(a Very Yummy & Quick recipe for Ramzan NO CHOPPING required ;)
I conider this a bit healthy cause after frying as you put them in water all the oil comes out & you can use low fat or non fat yougurt****

1 cup ...Besan (Gram flour)
¼ tsp Red chili powder
¼ tsp baking powder
salt & cumin powder a pinch each
oil for frying
1 cup yougurt
2 tbs milk (optional)
1-2 tbs sugar (use powder sugar if your sugar doesn't dissolve in water)
Water as required
Shan Dahi Chat masala

Mix Besan (Gram flour) ¼ tsp Red chili powder,¼tsp baking powder
salt & cumin powder pinch each mix with water to make a batter/ paste form. Set a side while you heat up the oil.
In hot oil fry the pakories once fry than dip it in luke warm water for 1-2 min than remove & gently squeeze drain all water by pressing between your palms of hands. 

In seprate bowl take 1 cup yougurt, sugar 1-2tbs, milk 2tbs & water as required make it very creamy mix it well.
Now put the pakories in yougurt & dip them well. 
Sprinkle Shan Dahi Bara Chat masala on top & serve a very yummy Jhatpat Meethay Chatpatay dhai bara :)

NOTE :You can allso use Imli ki chutney on side I didn't use it here


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